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Hey y’all, I’m back-ish! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA on the blog recently, I’m currently in the process of switching from wordpress.com to wordpress.org…and well, it’s taking a little longer than I thought it would. If any of you have made the jump to a self hosted site then you probably understand exactly what I’m going through right now; and if not, just know that I’m trying my best and will be back to my regularly scheduled posting ASAP! I’m working on a new theme that will be easier to navigate, while offering clean lines and a more modern look (yaaasssss). My saint of a boyfriend has been helping me (and by helping me I mean doing it for me) with the transfer and I think we are pretty close, so standby! Of course when I get everything finished I will do a post dedicated to my new site and my experience in switching over (in case any of you are thinking of doing the same)! Thank you so much for all of your support over the last few months; your kind words and comments never go unnoticed! Have any of you made the leap to a self-hosted site? Anything I should know?



14 thoughts on “WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!?!

  1. That’s super exciting you’re getting your own self-hosted site!! I want to do that soon for my blog, but its kinda on my wait list since I have so many other things I have to do right now haha. 🙂

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    • Yes ma’am! It’s exciting, a little frustrating (simply because I have no experience with this kind of stuff) but exciting none-the-less! I will definitely let you know how it goes! I’m sure when the time is right, your self-hosted site will be amazing! Thanks for stopping by!


    • Girl, I will be honest, my boyfriend (David) has done the majority of the legwork during this whole process. I don’t really understand coding and all of that and you definitely have to do some of that stuff when you move over to a self-hosted site. But good news, I just got an email saying that my domain name has successfully been transferred over, so hopefully the hard stuff is over. I plan on changing my theme and stuff around so once I do all of that, I might make a post about my experience with the whole process and let you all know what to expect, etc.!

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      • Yeah, in college I had to take Computer Sceience, which I was wrongly under the impression I would be learning stuff about computers, NOT DO CODING! I had to drop out, after like the fifth week. After week three, which I was able to code a little program in which a pop window had a clickable, I couldn’t code after that. I’m very simple, and coding is anything but. But hopefully once it’s set up, you’ll have all the pieces you need, so it should be easier to work with. 🙂

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      • I never had to take comp science in college, and I can imagine that if I did, I would not have one very well! lol. Fortunately however, my boyfriend had to take It regardless of his major (thank you Georgia Tech), so he has a little bit of working knowledge. If he didn’t I probably would have paid someone big bucks to transfer it over for me. 🙂

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      • I took Presentation Media in high school, so I worked with HTML, but all we really did was learn particular codes to manage the school’s website, and then change numbers/colors. That’s all. Nothing like what I thought when I took a collage course haha. But that’s okay. I took a Logic course instead, which was confusing, but I was able to pass the class with a C. We started with “If this, then that” kinda of statements, leading to others. Though I don’t feel my grade reflects the fact I feel like I took a decent amount from the course.

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      • That sounds incredibly interesting. Most of my college courses consisted of Psychology stuff. Most of electives were in the social sciences and while I probably should have broadened my horizons a bit, I certainly took a lot with me after graduating with my psych degree.

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      • Girl! Okay, so I studied Psychology throughout my learning, and I fulfilled with my Sociology minor. I was only two classes away from completing my Psychology major. Due to circumstances, the following year I was to marry my now husband, and I didn’t want to spend my last summer at school. So I took up a Liberal Studies major, and completed it. I went through a number of major changes. Creative Writing, VCT (visual communication technology), Psychology ❤ , and then Liberal Studies. Due to this, God allowed me multiple opportunities to have a variety of classes. And the variety helped fulfill the Liberal Studies requirement, which I was fearful I wouldn't be able to do. But God provided. 🙂 ❤

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      • Oh wow! That’s amazing that you were able to study so many interesting things! Congrats on being married! I loved Psychology and I (somewhat) enjoyed my time working in the mental health field after graduation but it eventually became too much and the Lord told me to take a step back. I work in a completely different field currently and it’s much less stressful. I would love to work in psychology to some degree in the future but just maybe with a different population of people! I’m so glad that you were able to complete the Liberal Studies requirements!!! You’re right, God provides, always…he’s good about that! <3<3

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      • Girl, again, I relate to this. Ever since I was 12, I have been sought by friends to give out advice. So for years I considered becoming a psychologist. But also when I was 13, I wanted to be a writer. And I too feel that God showed me there are ways to reach out to people. I truly feel I am suppose to be a writer. I’m working on writing a book, I hope becomes a book series. I’ve been working on that since my last semester of college (2013). It’s something I want to do to give back to God. Last year, God inspired me to start blogging as a way to reach out to people, be encouraging, and share what He’s taught me. So I completely understand where you are coming from. 🙂 You will make a difference, as I’m sure you already have.

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