Wear it. Bear it.

Good morning guys! As many of you know, I am in the process of going self-hosted!!! With that fun news comes a bit of learning curve, at least for me. I am trying to figure out how to get everything transferred over and make sure that my followers come with me! I will be honest, I don’t understand any of it, but David has been working very diligently on this and really helping me with every step along the way. I will definitely come back and let you know when everything is all setup and ready for your viewing pleasure, but until then; please, please, please bare with me! You guys are the best and I appreciate all of the support you have given to Southern Lights!

Oh!!!! WE FINALLY HIT 100 followers!!!! Yaaaassssss! As promised, I will be doing a little giveaway to show my appreciation! I am still waiting on a couple of the prizes to come in the mail, but they should arrive this week so a giveaway will be coming your way ASAP!! Also, I will probably wait until the new site is up and running before launching the giveaway; but as always, I will keep you posted and come back here to update you if anything changes!!!



7 thoughts on “SELF-HOSTING WOES…

  1. Best of luck on working out your self-hosted site! I admire everyone who does it; I love blogging, but I don’t know if I’d be able to ever go self-hosted 😂 maaaybe one day! It would definitely be cool! And congrats on 100! WOOHOO 🎉

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    • Thank you!!! It’s definitely gotten better, but the initial transition was much more stressful and convoluted than I was expecting. I’m hoping that I’ll start getting some more followers over the next few months now that I am promoting the blog on all of my socials! I’ll definitely keep you posted throughout the year and let you know what comes up and how things are progressing! xoxo


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